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How to prepare a rabbit’s hutch or cage

If you plan to adopt a pet rabbit, the first step you need to do is prepare a comfortable abode for your rabbit. The rabbit’s cage will be a warm home for the rabbits when they are not lying in your lap or playing catch indoors. So it would be best if you choose a stable and spacious cage, with plenty of space for a comfortable rabbit’s movement. You need to line the best bedding for rabbits with recycled materials and equip necessary rabbits such as food bowls and water bottles. Lastly, give your rabbit some toys or other rewards to help him get a job and be happy when you’re not around.

Select a rabbit’s cage

  • Buy a large hutch enough to make a comfortable home for rabbits: Make sure the rabbit’s cage has enough space for the rabbit to move quickly in the cage. As a general rule, rabbits must stand upright on their hind legs and have not reached the cage’s roof. The minimum area inside the hutch is usually sufficient for most medium-sized rabbits of 3m2. For bigger breed rabbits, you need to buy larger sized cages, which will make it easier for the rabbit to move and play. In particular, you will have to choose a larger hutch if you plan to raise two or more rabbits.
  • Buy rabbit’s cages with many compartments or floors: The nature of a rabbit is to like to snuggle in a dark and private place. You only need a little extra money to buy a multi-layered or multi-story cage for your pet to have a little privacy. This way, rabbits will have a quiet and safe space to enjoy them whenever they want. Each type of cage will have its advantages and disadvantages. Although a multi-stall hutch is a bit more expensive, you can rest assured it will not be wasted when you see your pet having a more spacious and comfortable space inside the cage. No matter which type of enclosure you choose, make sure that your rabbit has its shelter or space. A safe place to snuggle into your rabbit will help them deal with stress.
  • Choose a cage with a plastic bottom: Rabbits’ feet can get trapped or injured when standing in a cage with a mesh bottom. Flat bottom cages have the advantage of being easier to line the cages and more comfortable to clean. If you want to use a prefabricated iron cage, you can line a piece of cardboard and spread the shavings to the bedding for rabbits, so your rabbit will have a soft surface to stand on.
  • Choose an enclosure with wide doors: The barn door must be large enough for you to place objects in the barn and take out easily. These include a plate of food, a pitcher, bedding for rabbits, a litter box, and a rabbit’s favorite toys. And of course, the cage door must be large enough for your bunny to come in and out quickly! Some stables have multiple doors, such as an extra side door or a wide opening on the top of the barn so that the necessary items can easily pass through when you put in or take out.
  • Make sure the barn has enough room for the rabbit to run: Rabbits are hyperactive and do not like to sit still for too long. Therefore, most of the space in the cage must be for rabbits to play and explore. An ideal rabbit’s cage should have 3-4 obstacles running from side to side for the rabbit to jump. Rabbits will be healthy and happy when being able to exercise freely. You need to add some exercise accessories such as balls and boxes to create more small obstacles for the rabbit to run and play.

Equipped with basic amenities

  • Select the best bedding for rabbits: It would help if you are looking for bedding for the rabbit designed explicitly for a rabbit’s cage, or natural bedding for the rabbit but make sure that it is secure. One of the best bedding for rabbits is hay that the rabbits can eat and helps keep the rabbits warm on cold nights. Each type of rabbit will need separate grass to match it. Another option is to use dust-free bedding material for rabbits made from wood or recycled paper. However, you should avoid using pine or cedar shavings as a bedding material for rabbits, which can be toxic to rabbits.
  • Lay lining materials to the bedding for rabbits: You should line a thick layer of medium material and remember to level evenly at all corners of the cage. If you use hay, keep it high around the edges of the barn to allow the rats to eat, and there is plenty of space in the middle of the barn to play and sleep. To make it easier to clean the cage and make sure it does not leak, you may want to put some puppy rugs or a newspaper underneath the backing. Lining a thick substrate to prevent foot ulcers in rabbits. This is a prevalent disease and usually occurs when rabbits stand on a hard, wet surface. A thick base will help the rabbit stand more smoothly and will not be exposed to dirty places.
  • Take a place to put the bedding for rabbits: Although rabbits can sleep on any soft and smooth surface, the best bedding for rabbits is also a useful and lovely object in a rabbit cage. It would be best if you placed your bedding for rabbits near the corner of the barn or the cage’s side for your pet to have plenty of space to eat, play, and stretch your legs. Bedding for rabbits is available in the form of carpets, cute hammocks, and stuffed beds like a dog’s bed.
  • Equipped with a toilet tray: You should train your rabbits to defecate in the dishes that can help keep the rabbit’s hutch clean and hygienic. You can choose to buy a small toilet-sized plate suitable for your rabbit breed, and line the bedding for rabbits of recycled paper. Moreover, you can use a mixture of shredded newspaper and hay if you want to add another bedding for rabbits.

In conclusion

Choosing a great living space for your pet rabbits is like selecting the best way to relax. The best bedding for rabbits is where they can play and relax most comfortably. If you are planning to raise a pet rabbit, be sure to learn about the rabbit’s unique characteristics, including the choice of bedding for rabbits. This will help you in the process of keeping this pet. Hopefully, the information I gave you in this article will help you learn how to choose a rabbit living space.

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